Cini•Little International is a world wide consulting group working exclusively in the food service and health care fields.  Cini•Little Australia, as part of that group, dates back to the 1970’s and in that time has completed projects ranging from the Olympic Stadium to the Anglican Retirement Villages with central kitchen capacity of 20,000 meals per day, as well as projects all over the world. 

Cini•Little’s work in developing design briefs, designing facilities and writing specifications ensures a current knowledge of the industry.  Enhancing this experience, Cini•Little maintains membership in the prestigious Foodservice Consultants Society International providing immediate and on-going updates on developments in food services design and technology.

Cini•Little brings to this project a unique set of skills and experience in food service design and methods, including the provision of food service for the vulnerable population. 

Cini•Little’s team approach which ensures the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, the consideration of points raised and the implication across a range of evaluative techniques that test the options to ensure an optimum result for the client.

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