Our Approach:

We work with clients to determine the best approach for their organisation by:


           Discussing issues with individuals at all levels of the organisation

           Debriefing with key stakeholders

           Working to create positive morale through open communication

           Address the unique features of each organisation including clients, practices and premises

          Providing immediate feedback on any urgent issues observed during the project and

          Creating easy to read reports.

We maintain an uncompromising policy of independence from all suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of food, equipment and food-related items, as well as food service management firms, ensuring our clients receive independent, individualised and creative advice and solutions.  At the same time, we maintain a comprehensive knowledge of current systems and practices.

We believe that with a process that involves change, the nurturing of an environment conducive to change is essential.  The decisions made by each facility must be understood by the system users and operators if compliance with the final decision is to be a possibility and the potential gains are to be achieved. It is therefore essential that all stakeholders be involved and consulted during the process.  This involvement will assist in ensuring that accurate information regarding the process is communicated, reducing the likelihood of unexpected barriers in the future.

J Krassie & Associates has a proven track record in providing clients with a successful outcome, within the allocated time and financial budget.