Our Expertise


We know food service systems

For over 20 years our team members have completed projects that have included health services in every state in Australia.

Our team maintains membership in professional organisations in Australia and overseas ensuring a current knowledge of emerging issues and system options. 


Regular visits to health care facilities overseas provide first-hand information on the issues associated with the application of menu, production and meal assembly and delivery systems for health care from an international perspective.

We know system design and capital costs

We offer a breadth of knowledge of the issues associated with the successful design and implementation of production, assembly and delivery systems in Australia and overseas.

We have a working knowledge of equipment specifications, service requirements and design constraints to ensure systems meet current codes as well as operational and service requirements.


We know recurrent costs

There are always opportunities to reduce recurrent costs - food, labour and other costs. However, there is a point where the implementation of efficiencies will affect standards of service in a way that is obvious to the customer.

Our team can assess current costs with respect to opportunities for efficiencies.  Cost estimates for proposed systems can be assessed with respect to their likely impact on service levels and ability to achieve costs within existing systems and service expectations. 


Ability to effectively communicate with and engage key stakeholders

The methodology utilised by J Krassie & Associates, although comprehensive, clearly and simply identifies the relevant issues and ensures the client and key stakeholders are involved and informed at all stages of the process. This approach helps to create the open environment required to exchange ideas to assist in creating the optimal result for the organisation as demonstrated in the projects outlined in the previous sections of this proposal.


We know food safety issues


We have extensive involvement with current and emerging developments in food safety. Specialising in the health service sector, we are involved in the implementation of food safety plans and the wider issues of compliance and best practice demanded in this sector which has a greater level of due diligence and responsibility to provide food to vulnerable populations.

We have developed documented systems for health care institutions and community nutrition programs, provided training and undertaken auditing to facilitate legislative compliance and best practice initiatives. 

J Krassie is trained in HACCP and external auditing.  A key member of our team, Leanne Singleton is a RABQSA accredited food safety auditor for high risk food service with extensive experience in auditing health care facilities and manufacturing.